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Vijay Rudraswami


I love my beard more than my ex-girlfriends! Of late, I love my hair cuts too because I get a few eyes from it .I am quirky, chirpy and stubborn but I break free from these traits while I chase my dreams as a photographer. I fell in love with it because of my neighbor Aunt Rosie; wait a minute, did you believe that? Just kidding!  My true inspiration has always been SALGADO.

I love my piping hot morning coffees, warm & long water baths. I am a folklore fanatic, documentary surfer and cinema enthusiast. I love my getaways short or long, they help fill life to the inner me. I possess a lot of 3 am friends & I adore them to the core. I hate the idea that I have grown up as I miss my childhood, especially the way I ran home from school just to watch “The Wall”- Rahul Sharath Dravid bat with sheer perfection.

I always believe there are two kinds of creators; one who create during sunshine, and others during its absence; the later makes me one. Thus, I burnt the midnight oil learning all its nuances working as an assistant to Mallik. As said by “Julius Shulman” and I quote “Camera is the least important element in Photography”, I have experienced rise and fall of this profession and through these years of exposure I have gained dealing with clients with multi – faceted requirements is leading me every single day into my future. I’m the KARTA, KARMA and KRIYA of my life.

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